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Voice Lessons

Practice, Perform, and Perfect with Voice Lessons

Do you want to help your child grow their natural gift of singing? Sign up for voice lessons at SoCal Music Studio and see their self-confidence and artistry soar. Our studio is open seven days a week, and we offer lesson slots all day long and even later into the night. Lessons are available for ages from five and up.


  Building a Voice with Professionals


Our faculty includes multiple voice instructors able to work with your beginner or even with you as you continue to expand your repertoire and skills. Our voice and singing lessons are tailored to the skill level of each student and will include learning to read music, exercises to improve your instrument, and an introduction to a wide variety of music styles.


  Move to the Front of the Choir


As your child better learns how to use their voice, they will grow the confidence needed to stand at the front of the choir as a soloist or even lead the band while holding a microphone in their hand. It takes time, focus, and effort, but their ability will continue to expand as their instructor supports them through the creative process.


  Group or Individual Lessons


Is your child a little shy? Sometimes taking voice and singing lessons in a group can give them the confidence to sound out as their classmates share in the struggle of learning all about music. We offer both private and group lessons and never hold you to a long term commitment. If one way isn't working, you can sign up for the other without any kind of financial penalty.


Are you ready to take your voice to the next level? Sign up today for a month of lessons at SoCal Music Studio and explore the possibilities.

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