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Music Lessons Near Me

Expand Your Horizons with Music Lessons Near Me

Is your child eager to participate in the school orchestra? Get their music education started on the right foot with violin lessons at SoCal Music Studio. With classes starting for ages five and up, we accept students of all levels of ability from beginner to college students and professionals looking to polish their craft.


  Individual or Group Violin Lessons


Your child can begin to make their first notes in the comforting surroundings of a group lesson or enroll in private music lessons near me for a more intense and personal approach. Many string players find encouragement as they share this new knowledge and ability with others of their own age and performance level. If your child is practicing for a solo performance or competing, the focus of a private instructor may be the right option.


  Ages 5 to 100


It is never too early to begin violin lessons. We will match your child up with a quarter or half-size instrument that their smaller hands can hold while they begin the process of learning finger and bow positions. Perhaps you have always wanted to learn to play the violin. We can help you find a tutor ready to fast-forward your tuition as a mature student ready to tackle the process.


  Experienced Instructors able to Grow with Your Skill


Since we are a music school, we have an extensive faculty that focuses on instruction at varying skill levels. Once your child has passed the beginner level, you will be able to find another teacher at the same location that is ready to continue to support their growth as an artist and person. We will be happy to continue to work with your family through their entire education. Give us a ring and sign up for your first month of violin lessons today.

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