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* One regisrtation form per student

Registration Fee  $19 

A one time registration fee of $19 per student is paid upfront for all group, private and trial lessons. Each students one time registration covers each them for any future lessons or programs attended. 

Instrument Loaner  $5

All Instrument rentals are available for $5 per class or week.  Loaners need for the initial 3 week trial period are paid upfront ($15). For students continuing on after the initial trail period an additional $35 for any loaner is also due upfront with the remaining Program tuition.  Instruments can also be secured for the entire program at a discounted price by prepaying for all 10 classes. Supplies are limited. 

Program Tuition 

Prepayment of the tuition covers the entire 10 week course at a discounted rate.  Prepayment for the entire program secures your spot and insures a loaner instrument will be available if needed.


For students taking advantage of the initial trail (3 classes) there is no program tuition due for that period. Students continuing on after the initial trail, the remaining program cost (7 classes) is due upfront before the 4th class with no additional discount. 


*Please note We do our best to keep your child grouped together with other similarly aged students for everyone's benefit. 


We do, however, make exceptions if need be. Please contact us before registering if your child does not fall into the ages range so we can make the appropriate accommodations

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* All Group Programs and Private Lessons are not are not directly affiliated or sponsored by Bertrand's Music Enterprises. SoCal Music leases its studio space and is responsible for all scheduling, pricing, instrument rentals and correspondence.