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Offering quality guitar, voice, singing, bass, drum and piano lessons in the greater San Diego Area

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Monday-Friday         9am - 10pm


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    Meet Brandon Lindberg
    Owner of SoCal Music Studio

    What Parents like you are saying about us!

    "I really appreciate the time and effort our Instructor spends with my son. He really knows how to relate to a 13 yr old and I also find it refreshing that the same values are being shared that I try and install in all of my children. Thank you Greatly!"  -  Peter, Penasquitos

    "We were a little hesitant starting up lessons again since our first experience with another company didn't go so well. Looking back i'm so glad we decided to give it another go. We haven't seen either of our girls into anything as much as they are in music these days. Thank you so much!"    -  Erica, 4S Ranch

    "My daughters teacher makes her feel passionate about music. He has a way of communicating with her that makes her feel comfortable and confident about her ability to play guitar. He speaks teenager and I enjoy watching her grow and improve each lesson. There are realistic goals for her which they work on together that keeps her moving at a pace comfortable for her"     Julia, Carmel Valley

    If your child wants to learn how to play Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Vocals, Ukulele or a Band/Orchestra instrument we can help you.

    For over a decade we have had hundreds of students come to us to learn how to play their favorite songs, improve their skills for either school or community ensembles, or they simply wanted to know how to write songs or learn how to improvise and jam with other musicians. We've helped all of our students achieve these goals and if you have similar goals we can help you too.

    Private Lessons

    Our In-Home Private Lessons focus on each individual student's goals and needs. If your student wants to learn how to play a certain song, we'll work out what techniques they need to learn, any theory, exercises or drills or anything else needed to help your child learn that song. Then we will work together on a plan to not only learn the song, but master it.


    Group Lessons

    We also emphasis a balanced approach of involving traditional method, which teaches your student the fundamentals of music and theory, while also simplifying the learning process and allowing them to learn through alternative methods, such as ear training, TABs, Charts, etc.


    All of our Instructors are highly trained and well educated professionals that put their knowledge to use making sure your child learns the most important aspects related to their set goals. Also making the learning process Fun and Insightful helps encourage your student to play often which is another top priority for their success.

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